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18 November 2020 @ 08:27 pm
"Every word, by design, turns a head."
- Weightless // All Time Low.

All fic is here.

All Cobra Starship fic is here.
All Fall Out Boy fic is here.
All Mindless Self Indulgence fic is here.
All My Chemical Romance fic is here.
All Panic at the Disco fic is here.
All Paramore fic is here.
All The Academy Is... fic is here.
All The Hush Sound fic is here.

All het fic is here.
All slash fic is here.
All gen fic is here.

Some of this fic is older stuff, so consider yourself warned.

I write original fic over at stopmotionscene . <3
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on rotation:: Call It Off - Tegan & Sara.
at night they come (and i just let them in) [~2500 words] || shattered_ink .
PG: blood/imagery.
tom conrad/sean van vleet.
summary: tom's always vanishing, sean's always waiting, and when they finally find some common ground to stand on, it's not exactly as simple as a shared hobby or interest.
disclaimer: i don't own them & chances are, this never happened. cut is from "where the lines overlap" - paramore. the title is from "carjack my heart" - dance movie.
a/n: self-beta'ed, of course. for xmexandxyoux , who keeps me updated & in bandom, and who prompted a story involving Sean, Tom, (highlight for spoilers) necklaces, and werewolves. i'm very liberal with "lore" or "tradition" in this story, so yeah. hope you like it/are not grossly disappointed by it/do not feel the need to hit me over the head with a brick/etc. <3

gimme attention, i need it nowCollapse )

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on rotation:: hotblack - oceanship.
for a minute there (i lost myself) [1185 words] || shattered_ink .
PG-13: swearing.
hanna beth/ryan ross.
summary: jac sat behind them in last-period english, and somewhere in november – between finishing to kill a mockingbird and starting the catcher in the rye – she tossed a note to ryan that said look to your right, a note to hanna beth that said look to your left, then she reached forward, threw her arms across their shoulders and whispered, “now look in front of you; meet your new best friend.”
disclaimer: don't own them. this didn't happen. title belongs to Radiohead's "Karma Police."
a/n: this was written forever ago. a pretty short, straightforward high-school au with one of my favorite couples that never was. i know i haven't been here posting in forever, but i want to get back into this world. i've missed it & i need to catch up! well, here's a blast from my past that i'm posting now & i hope it's enjoyable.

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on rotation:: paris - kate nash.
27 August 2009 @ 11:51 pm
movie night. ~670 words.
by me, shattered_ink .
PG for mild swearing. girl!Brendon and Ryan, gen.
summary: Brenna wants to watch High School Musical; Ryan does not.
disclaimer: don't own them; this didn't happen. Brendon is not a girl.
a/n: for and prompted by xmexandxyoux . um. i'm sorry. this came out pretty disastrous and very simply, sparsely written. it was kind of all I could do with the prompt, and it turned into like, a brief commentary on HSM and a girl!Brendon and Ryan friendship fic. I hope it's at least entertaining? (:

cut cut cut , under the cut Collapse )
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on rotation:: this woman's work - maxwell .
22 August 2009 @ 12:59 pm
nice guys finish last.
by shattered_ink . ~1500 words.
PG-13 for swearing. Gabe/Vicky-T.
summary: NICE GUYS FINISH LAST, BASICALLY. which is not always true, so that's why this is fiction. (:
disclaimer: don't own them; this didn't happen. title + opening lyrics from Cobra Starship.
a/n: this is super-short and simple, because it's based only on the verse at the beginning from Cobra Starship's "Nice Guys Finish Last." not groundbreaking work, by any means! for and prompted by xmexandxyoux . (:

going under ... the cutCollapse )

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